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September 2015 Favourites

Hi everyone,

How is it October already and we're nearly finished 2015?? Stop like time is flying.

I do love October especially when it's cold and you can wrap except the past few weeks it's been quite warm (not that I'm complaining but it is so strange and usual for October and Autumn here. If you're looking for Autumn/Winter clothes inspiration have a read of my Penneys/Primark A/W 2015 Collection Here

Anyway, September was quite the busy month of getting back to college, balancing work, a social life and societies but I'm slowly but surely getting back in to it. I hope you enjoy my September Favourites - I put a lot of effort into the banner ha.

Favourite number 1 

Penneys/Primark Individual lashes.

I have done a review on these you can read it here but I love love love these lashes. At 1.50 a go for a packet you cannot go wrong. They are lovely to use on a day to day basis for an everyday look or to build them up for an evening/night time look. I use them with DUO adhesive glue. I literally use them all the time I'm a huge fan.

Favourite number 2

MAC lipstick Snob.

Only in recent times have I got into MAC lipsticks. I just saw them as a luxury so anytime I pick up one it's usually for an occasion or as a special treat. I received Creme Cup when it was my 21st, I got myself Saint Germain the day of my birthday, and I picked up Snob for the wedding I was at. It is a Satin lipstick so it has a slight Matte finish to it but don't be put off the word matte. It can be a little dry on the lips so I would suggest exfoliating the lips beforehand or even popping on some lip balm and let it soak before using the lipstick or even get a dry tooth brush and scrub your lips and that should do the trick. I paired it with East End Snob (coincidence!!) from Rimmel they compliment each other perfectly. The lasting power in this lipstick is amazing. It doesn't have to be touched up very often. It is quite a neutral, nude pink and it can be teamed with many eye looks from a dark smokey to a brown smokey eye so its very diverse. 
Favourite number 3 

Good to Glow Bronzer by The Make Up Gallery.

For 1.49 in Dealz (or Poundland) I didn't know what to expect. I'm a fan of their eye shadows so I said I'd give this a go.I've been using this a good bit through august and september. It is a good alternative if, like myself you like to use bronzer to contour but you don't want to use your pricier products every day. I went to Indiependence during the summer and for a festival weekend I didn't want to bring my good makeup so I picked this up and I found it lovely. You have to build the colour up bit by bit but its a fab for contouring or using as a bronzer - its doesn't come off as orange so ideal for Irish skin and it is also matte which is the main appeal to myself. It's a nice little investment for 1.49

Favourite number 4

The Shiseido Hydro-Nourishing Softener.

I found this excellent for my skin. I have normal skin but it can get dehydrated or sometimes dry so I find this absolutely amazing on my skin after cleansing. It has a subtle lovely smell. It leaves your skin super soft, it puts a lot of lost moisture back into the skin and hydrates. It is absolutely ideal product for preparing your skin for moisturizer. Apparently, it is also meant to be good for super sensitive skin.

Favourite number 5

The Naked 3 & W7 In the Nude.

I adore the Naked 3 palette - from neutral, rose-hue pinks to deep brown and dark shades its one of my favourite palettes and it is quite versatile, you can create so many looks. My lovely boyfriend got me this for my 20th Birthday. So over the last year and a half, you can see I've hit pan on several of the colours as I use it everyday. That was until I discovered the W7 range at the end of summer 2014 and I literally reach for In the Nude if I'm in the mood for a purple/pink smoked out look and pop it with Urban Decay Primer Potion and the eye look lasts for hours. I like to keep my Naked 3 for special occasions but I'm always back and forward with the W7 palette but I found myself reaching for it especially throughout September.

Favourite Number 6

Things To Do Organiser.

I love notebooks, calendars, anywhere I can write a list or a to do. I like to feel (or think) I'm organised ha. I picked this one up in Penneys/Primark a few weeks ago for 2 euro. Its very dainty, pretty polka dot boarder and I can pop it up on my notice board easily. I find it good for keeping up with college, social and work days and also a good way of writing down goals and ticking off what I achieve each day.

Favourite Number 7

Essence Blender Brush.

As far as makeup brushes are concerned, it doesn't matter about the price of a makeup brush as long as it does the job. I'm always on the look out for affordable brushes. I spotted this Essence blending brush for about 2.39 from one of their stands in Penneys and it is fantastic. You have to work at it a little but it actually does a great job, I use it everyday so I clearly I love how it works. To be honest, overall Essence is a fantastic, affordable, high quality brand so I'm not surprised I ended up loving this brush.
Favourite number 8

So Sue Me Nail Polish.

Suzanne Jackson or 'So Sue Me' is very hard working. She has worked hard for everything she has, she built herself in a competitive market and she is starting to bring out different lines of beauty in the business name SOSU so you can't help but want to support an Irish business woman. Honestly, when I tired out the polishes, I used a top and bottom coat and they still didnt work for me but I found using a 'strengthener' clear polish like one from Rimmel or Sally Hansen the polish doesn't budge - but this is just what I found works for me. The colour range is unbelievable and the personalised name for each of them is a nice touch so I wanted them to work. I'm glad I found a way that suits my nails you have to play around with it just like you have to try out different bases to suit a foundation. I have Rock Candy on my nails here and I usually like to team it with Angel Kisses. When pay day rolls around I'm going to pick up one or two A/W colours as So Sue Me has brought out a new line of colour.

Favourite number 9

Lindt Chocolate.

Now, I wouldn't be the biggest fan of dark chocolate but nevertheless I am a fan of chocolate and trying different types. I always found it to be a bit too bitter for my taste but I discovered the Lindt Dark Chocolate Orange and it is devine. Its ideal as sometimes I get a sugar cravings so I'd have two squares with tea and my craving is sorted. Lindt Chocolate is very tasty and also dark chocolate is better for you but I would recommend this for any sweet tooths out there! 

Favourite number 10

The Pippa Palette For Blank Canvas Cosmetics by Pippa O' Connor

When I first heard about this Palette I pre-ordered it straight away, it looked fabulous from the get go. It's brilliant to see Irish women taking the beauty industry by storm. Another hard working woman - You can see Pippa O' Connor puts her all into her work, she built herself up from a young age in a hard industry. I'm delighted she teamed up with Blank Canvas Cosmetics and created the beautiful Pippa Palette. It has six very diverse eye shadow colours, a highlighter, bronzer and blush - the fabulous highlighter was named after her Mother and an eye shadow colour was named after her son Ollie. I have created so many looks with the eyeshadows, the highlighter is amazing, the bronzer is quite ashy perfect for Irish skin and the blush is a subtle, pink highlighter. I can see this as selling out again coming up to Christmas as it is a very sufficient palette with everything in the one place. The palette picture I have used is from when I first got but I have already hit pan on Tobi as I use it so often but it seems to be the most popular colour to pop all over the lid.

Hope you enjoyed my September picks & enjoy the rest of October before the Winter madness begins.

Until next time beauties,
Aoife x

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