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June Favourites

Hey dolls, 


Well I know we're nearly finished July but June is always my favourite month and my favourites need to be blogged about. 


I was spoilt for my birthday so I'll be featuring bits and pieces I received or I've picked up this month. I have a good few to go through so sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy. 

It consists of things I've been using for years, months or only in the last month. I'm kind of playing catch ups so I have about 21 favourites (for an obvious reason ha) so there's a good bit of reading involved but I hope you enjoy it. 


My first favourite is: Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold.


I love this. If I'm in a rush I use this on its own and blend it out. It's so creamy and blends so well. It's beautiful and perfect as a base colour when I use it with the Naked 3 or the W7 palette In the Nude. 


You can get this from superdrug, boots or

My second favourite of the month: the MAC mineralising powder.


I've been using this for years on and off but honestly there's no other powder I like for my skin. I have normal to slightly dry skin (depending on the weather) and this doesn't dry out my skin at all. It goes on very smooth and sets my make-up perfectly. I like to patt my powder in with a powder brush rather than in a sweeping motion. As you can see I've hit pan with this as I've been using it nearly everyday I wear makeup as the weather has been very humid and warm yet full of rain so it keeps it in place perfectly for me. I wear the colour medium plus. 

My third favourite is Highlighter.
Everyone's favourite this summer. The phrase "highlight on fleek" has been used by quite a number of beauty youtubers or beauty bloggers. Some of my favourite budget highlighters at the moment are: the W7 night glow liquid highlighter and Essence Cinderella highlighter. The both create beautiful, flawless, 'angel' glowy glows ha.

I usually use powder during the day but when I'm heading on a night out or to an event I use the liquid with my foundation first and then the powder highlighter after. Or sometimes I mix it up and use the liquid or both during the day. 

My fourth favourite is: Vero Moda Jeans and Penneys Heels.


I always found it hard to find nice blue Jeans (unless you pay €50 or so on them) so I went in search for pants and I popped into Vero Moda and spotted these. They were about €31 but if you have a student card you can get 20% but they also have a system for everyone for every five stamps you can get 25% off and so on. It's a very good system. They're so comfortable, I dress them up or down. They're a lovely fit but I didn't realise until after I was wearing them for a while that I got the 32' length leg ( that's why they may seem a bit creasy) when I usually get the 30'. It doesn't bother me with these as they're quite fitted. They're so flattering on for a light colour. I also have them in black but I'll definitely going back for more colours as soon as pay day rolls around.  The Penneys heels look so expensive I got them for €22 and with a Penneys voucher I received for my birthday. These heels come in a orange colour as well but you can't go wrong with black. I wear them with every outfit they're so comfortable.

My fifth favourite of the month is the Urban Decay Perversion mascara. 


I got the "On the Run" UD palette back in February and this was apart of it. I was hooked on this mascara straight away. I mean girls, this mascara changes life as you know it for your lashes!!!!! I'm devastated as I'm running out of it at the moment I've been switching between different mascaras such as one from NYC that's only about €2.49 so I want this to last ha!!! I am picky about my mascaras as I love length and volume and I've had so many bad experiences with different ones so when I find one that actually does what you want and doesn't damage your lashes trying to take it off then I'll stick to it. I love love loved a Rimmel mascara and then all of a sudden they discountined it, to say I was sad was a understatement for my lashes ha. 

My sixth favourite is a Kimono from Quiz in Debenhams in Waterford. 


I picked mine up on sale but I was only in there last week and they have a huge selection of Kimonos in all different colours. They're beautiful and so comfortable to wear. They go with absolutely everything. Perfect for summer. They're quite light so they are ideal for layering as they aren't heavy at all. You can pick these up anywhere but if you're around Debenhams pop in and have a look. 

My seventh favourite of the month are MAC lipsticks.

The mammy got me Creme Cup for my birthday and I treated myself to Saint Germain after my birthday. If you love nude lipsticks - Creme Cup is the ultimate nude. It's beautiful, creamy and not drying at all. Saint Germain is just wow. Girls if you love a good pink lipstick then this is one for you. I love pink lipsticks - most of them compliment my skin tone and this really does. It's such a pretty colour. It can be wore during the day or night. I like to use this with my lip liner 'Edge to Edge'. 

The left is Saint Germain and the right is the night of my 21st wearing Creme Cup.

My Eight favourite also my favourite June number is the Sleek and Naked flushed contour palettes
I am obsessed with Sleek products. I have gone through about three of these contour palettes in the last 2 years. They last for ages but I use them everyday. Contouring is my favourite part of makeup. It completely changes your make up look. I got my makeup done by UD in April so I picked up the UD Flushed contour palette just so I could try it out. I swap between the two of them a lot. As you can see I've already hit pan on the UD one and I'm not too far off hitting pan with Sleek again! I love them both for different reasons. 
The Sleek palette: all the colours are divided up into separate little sections making it easy to use, the blush colour is beautiful it has gold undertones sparkling through it, the highlighter is so pigmented. I have the light palette is ideal for Irish skin. The Sleek palette is €13.49. You can get this palette in Light, Medium and Dark. 

The Urban Decay palette: I find you don't have to blend the contour colour as much, the blush can get mixed in with the contour and blush slightly but not so much, the blush is quite rosie which is fab. All the colours are strongly pigmented and the packaging is very strong but you'd expect that for the price. The UD palette is €29.50. You can get this palette in Naked, Native, Strip and Streak (which I have pictured above). 

Read my contour and highlight blog here:
My Ninth favourite is: Saphir Perfumes

They were featured on XPOSE around Christmas and when myself and my mam spotted them we remembered the brand straight away. I have tried out a three or four of these and they've lasted me quite long. There are make up dupes so why not perfume dupes? Yay. They smell exactly the same as the perfume they are duping. I have got the duped versions of Apple DKNY, Lacoste - touch of pink, Armoni code (the one in the picture). You can also get men's versions, I picked up one of these for my boyfriend and one sprits of it and he's sorted. You can get them in Mulligans, Sam Mccauleys and online. 

My tenth favourite is a local Cork business: Pamolas Nails located in Elite Hairdressing. 
I was talking to one of the girls in work about nails and I'd love to find someone that you don't have to break the bank with or somewhere that's near town and she mentioned Pamolas Nails. 
The cost is €20, book early like you would with anything. She is the nicest girl to chat to. Very easy to get along with - she has a great way about her. She preps the whole nail brilliantly well before putting the polish on. She has a great choice of colours and they turn out beautiful. Have a look on her Facebook for booking: Paloma's Nails and Beauty. 

My next favourite - number eleven is: Maybelline Gel Eyeliner. 
If you're like me and can't use an eyeliner pen without making it uneven then trying to fix it by going over it and you end up ruining it then this is for you. 
Sums it up. 

So I decided to pick this up in boots. I find it so easy to use and create an even line everytime. It comes with a small little brush one side that lines and one side that you can use to smoke and blend it out. I still haven't tried out the flick but I love lining my lids. It really changes the appearance of eye makeup. It's around €11 and completely worth it. It would be great for beginners who want to achieve a nice lined eye or flick. 

My next favourite, number twelve is the TV show Community. 

Myself and my boyfriend always find TV shows that we sit down to watch after a long day of work or a long week and this happened to be one of them. It's very funny and I think it's something very enjoyable. It's such a feel good show with all the feels yet you get such a laugh from it. The characters  are all very unique and likeable. I would 100% recommend this TV show. 

My number thirteen is Orchard Thieves Cider. 

YUM is the word. I tried this out on my 21st and I loved it. It tastes like apple sour sweets. It's so tasty and really 'quenches the thirst'. On a hot day, after dancing away or even just something sweet it's lovely. I personally can only drink one as it can be very sugary and sweet but each to their own taste. 

My numbro fourteenth are Yankee Candles

I love Yankees especially at Christmas. There's nothing nice than lighting one, leaving it burn away and the scent that comes off each of them is unbelievable. I got the Honey Blossom from my parents for my birthday and I got the Beach Holiday as apart of some presents the boys got me for my birthday 😊 they both smell like the definition of summer. Love. 

My number fifteen is the Taylor Swift concert:

She puts on an unreal show.  I saw her about 4/5 years ago and she just keeps getting better as a performer. Myself and one of my besties danced the night away and we had a ball. It was quite cute how Calvin Harris was in the audience cheering her on. 

Number sixteen is Cocoa Brown Dark Tan. 

I've been using the original one as well as the Gradual tan, Chocolate Whip moisturer, Tough stuff exfoliator and I love the brand. Marissa Carter is a brilliant, business woman. I have a lot of admiration for her. I love the dark shade it's fabulous. Read my review in full about the original CB tan:
And also how I prep my skin for tanning:

Number seventeen is the appreciation for the Lough in Cork.


If I'm not working in the morning. Sometimes I like to go down there, have a walk or sit on the benches and relax. It's just such a peaceful spot in the morning and a bigger walk than it actually seems. I also love love love ducks. I think they are the cutest things with their little quacks and the way they waddle. It's the most unique little spot and it's amazing how comfortable the ducks, swans and geese are with people. The Lough deserved some appreciation on my blog. 

Number Eighteen of my favourites is Jurassic World. 
Myself and my boyfriend went to see this in June and it was amazing. This is not a spoiler but you will see a little pig appear on the screen and that was the part that made me jump the most in the film, but it is quite scary. It was brilliantly done. Chris Pratt does an amazing job on the big screen once again. I loved the original Jurassic Park movies and the music gives me the goosebumps - have a listen: it slightly references the original movies at times and really does it justice as a 'sequel' set 20 years after Jurassic Park. 

My nineteenth favourite is the Body Shop Highhlighter dome. 

I picked up this cute little thing in the body shop a few weeks back. You can also get a contour and blush in this round container too. You don't need a brush or anything. All you need to do is swipe this on your upper cheekbone and out. I also use it on my brow bone. They would be so handy if you were going out after work or for travelling as you could pop them in your makeup bag instead of what I do and bring my whole makeup bag and the kitchen sink with everything just incase I think I don't have enough to use. 
Number twenty is Lancôme Teint Miracle foundation.
This is my all time favourite foundation. I started using it back in January as the dry weather had got to my skin and I needed a foundation to suit it. It's ideal for the hot humid weather and in work I do a lot of running up and down the stairs so I want my make up to stay in place and it does this and more. It makes my skin looking dewy, flawless and its a water based foundation so this is a bonus. 
I reviewed it in back in January - have a read:

And finally.. My 21st favourite is my 21st birthday.

I had the best birthday any girl could ask for. I'm so lucky. I'll have a full post up about it this week as I've had a good few requests for that 😄 as cheesy as it sounds I felt beautiful on the night all dolled up and I danced the night away with a room full of the people I love. 

Sorry for the extra long post but I wanted to include a lot but I couldn't shorten it down. If you've read until here then thank you, I appreciate it as it was a long road. 

Until next time beauties,

A x

    By bb.         B.                 

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