Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Surviving a Music Festival Part 1: The Basic Essentials

Hi fab things,

So there's a few major music festivals left in the summer and as I'm heading to one in the not so distant future I thought a blog about surviving one would be ideal. I was at Electric Picnic about two summers ago and I was pretty prepared heading off. 

Part 1 is going to be all the basic essentials that are necessary for the weekend. 
Part 2 is what to bring in your makeup bag.
Part 3 is Festival Fashion.

I think this list might help you if you're packing for the weekend

The most important ones are:

1. Tickets


2. A Tent. We had a bad experience with a tent at Electric the first time we went. We didn't spend a whole lot on it but it was about €20 for a "two" man tent. The explanation marks indicate it was far from a two man. So this time we paid extra for a bigger tent with extra layers to prevent condensation or dampness getting in. 

3. Toilet paper - this is important as there is never toilet paper in the portals unless you get there first thing Friday or first thing Sunday morning. 


4. A Deck Chair - if you're waiting around for gig or just chilling it will more than likely be at your camp site with your friends and this is an absolute essentials - this is your holy grail of essential for the weekend as you don't want to be sitting on the ground. You can pick one up for under €20 in most hardware shops or Argos. They aren't that heavy so they won't be too much trouble to carry. 

5. Plasters - at one point or another you or a friend might cut themselves so plasters will come in handy, go for water proof as you never know what the weather might do.

6. Small sandwich bags - if you're not Planning on bringing a wallet (might be the wisest thing) then pop your money in these small sandwich bags and keep them on you. They'll be handy especially if it rains. Warning- if you're going into an area and there's a check point, they might question you on the bag. 

7. Plastic bottles - if you're planning on bringing spirits then put them in plastic bottles. I know that seems like common sense but I know people who have been catch out with glass bottles purely because they didn't know or didn't think to put things into plastic bottles. Disclaimer: always drink responsibly - I'm not promoting drinking on my blog just tips that I know people will need to know. 

8. Baby wipes. Pop into deals, Penneys or any supermarket and stock up. 

                                    Hopefully it won't be as bad as this picture ha

9. Hand sanitizer.

10. A cheap phone - something that you can guarantee the battery will last with such as a Nokia. You can pick one up in Tesco for €20 including credit. 

11. Towels. 

12. Wellies and knee high socks or socks that go above the wellie for comfort. Dunnes and Penneys have a great selection of both wellies and socks. 

13. A small suitcase. This is optional but if you can fit it in your tent as you might be trekking a good bit to set in camp. 

14. Pillows

15. Sleeping bag and extra small blankets or throws. You can pick these up in Penneys. 

16. Blow up bed or a padded yoga matt. Make sure they can fit in your tent before you go. 

17. Plastic cups and straws. Again optional. 

18. Torch light. You can pick up portal ones in pharmacies or supermarkets. 

19. Suncream. Nothing worse than being uncomfortable if you get burnt because you'll be pretty much outdoors all weekend. 

20. Water.

21. Painkillers - headache tablets, motillium, Imodium. I mention these as you won't be eating or drinking anything very good for you and you may get dehydrated. The food places they have will have a variety of things but a lot of it might not be your first choice and could be very greasy. Headache tablets will be for th  lack of sleek, long days, loud music, a variety of things. 

22. A good waterproof Rain Jacket and just in are pop in some spare rain ponchos. You can get them in variety of colours in a two pack for about €2 in the Euro Shop. 

23. Bin bags

24. Camera. 


Look out for Part 2 all about makeup and beauty bits to bring in the next few days dolls. 

Until next time beauties,

A x 


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