Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Top Tanning Tricks and Tips

Hi fab things,

I promised a tan blog and I'll deliver on it. 
This blog will be all about prepping your skin for the perfect tan.  

The absolute key to a perfect tan is prepping your skin: Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!! Can't stress that enough as it is the most important part of exfoliating. 

These are some of my top tips:

• Exfoliating can be done one day prior to tanning with an exfoliating glove. These can be picked up in pharmacies and Penneys/Primark for a €1 in a variety of colours.  

• With regards to shaving, it should be done at least two days in advance. 

• Some of my favourite exfoliators:
"Tough Stuff" - Cocoa Brown, The Sanctuary range, Clinque, Elemis and The Body Shop all have a great range of body exfoliators. Just to mention a few.

• If I'm not tanning I'd moisturise after showering but when tanning make sure you don't moisturise after exfoliating.  

• So the day of tanning - I like to take a shower in the morning using an oil-free body wash: I'd suggest one from the Neutrogena range. This is important so the tan won't have a barrier before it's applied. (I've learned this from past experiences)

• The absolute best way to apply tan is with a tanning mitt, these are also very cheap to pick up in Pharmacies and Pennes/Primark. Make sure to apply tan in circular motions - leave your hands until the end. When you're finished with your tan, there will be a little bit left on the glove and just use that. 

• After the tan is applied - give yourself plenty of time for it to dry and develop. Wear loose clothes and maybe hold of from doing anything that could work up a sweat just to give your tan a chance hehe. 

These are my top tanning tips. I will post my Top Tans in the next blog as a part 2. 

Until Next Time Beauties,

A x

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