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Top Tans: Cocoa Brown 1hour Tan

Hi guys and dolls,

Instead of putting my Top Tans in one blog, I thought I'd spread them out. That way I can talk about each one in detail and how they work for me. 

The first one I'm going to start with: Cocoa Brown 1Hour Tan. 

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I discovered this tan around January 2 years ago as one of my roomies Amy was doing her tan for a ball. The colour turned out amazing on her and straight away I thought I need this tan in my life. 

Cocoa Brown is an Irish brand by a woman named Marissa Carter who spotted a gab in the market for what I would probably call a salon tan in a can, excuse the cheese pun at a fantastic low, affordable price of €7-8. It can be purchased throughout Ireland and England and bought online and shipped to many countries. 

Most of us Irish girls, we absolutely love a tan for day to day and nights out, especially one that doesn't come out orange or isn't streaky or will come off in a flash. Cocoa Brown was the answer. 

She came out with a tan that can be put on your skin for 1-3 hours (depending on the colour you'd like it be), wash it off - leaving your skin with a glow and it will even continue to develop after it's been washed off. 

I will be honest and tell you my first experiences with the tan and how the tan worked for me. Before this the only time I ever got a tan that I washed off was a spray tan for my debs other than that it had always been instant. The first time I used it, I gave it a trial run just I see how it would work out for me as I was heading out in a few days. I followed all the exfoliation steps and my skin was all prepped and ready. I left it on for maybe 2 and half hours, washed it off, patted myself dry and I could see there was no colour left. I thought maybe it'll develop itself but the next day there was nothing. I was a bit worried because anyone I talked to or read reviews online it had worked perfectly for them. I gave it another try leaving it on for 3 hours and still nothing. 

I didn't want to give up so I read about how tans can pick up skin pigmentation differently with everyone so the next time I used it I put it on at midday and washed it off at 6pm that evening, hopped out of the shower to see a glowing colour.
have given advice to a few friends to leave it on for maybe 12 hours or even over night and wash it off the next day as everyone's pigmentation is different. 
I recently wanted a deeper colour so i decided to put it on at 9pm that night and washed it off at 9am the next day. 

9pm picture
Picture I took later that night after washing it off at 9pm. 

Most people I talk to 1-3 hours works perfectly but I have to leave mine on for about 6 hours for a colour to develop it all depends on how strong the colour can be picked up on the skin. 

I have used a lot of tans but this is still my go to tan - a Holy Grail of tans as I'd call it as the colour turns out absolutely beautiful, it's so so affordable and the colour can last up to 5-7 days (especially using the Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip moisturiser). 

This a 100% recommendation. Fabulous brand. Also how fab is the packaging and colour?!

My advice if it doesn't work straight away do what I do and leave it on for a few more hours ,you'll see a difference and always exfoliate!! My top tips for prepping your skin for tan is up you can see it here:

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Check out Cocoa Brown's other products on:

You can also purchase the 1hour tan and the other products featured on the website in Penneys, Primark, Superdrug, Boots and online at:

Happy buying - let me know what ou think of Cocoa Brown through here or my twitter @wonderbeauty8 or Facebook - all links on the right. :)

Until next time beauties,

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