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Party Planning Guide: Birthday Celebrations

Hi everyone,

Today's blog is a little different, more of a lifestyle blog. It's something that's very relevant at the moment so I'm looking forward to sharing it. 

I'm turning 21 in June so exciting - so at the moment I'm planning a party. 

I've thrown parties before but they've usually been at a house, never a venue so there's a bit of planning involved. I actually love the planning aspect it's exciting and I love the challenge of it. 

If you're like me and you're in the process of planning a party, be it a 18th, 21st, 30th etc or thinking about one, you know there's quite a few factors you have to consider but the one I found the hardest was finding a Venue. I knew that things would book up very quickly as June is a very busy summer month so I started my research around Christmas but also when I would go out on a night out I'd consciously be looking at pubs that would have parties on or would be the perfect place to have one. 

Luckily I booked a fantastic venue last week. I emailed to enquire about the venue and they rang back immediately and told me I could pop down to have a look but they only have one weekend in June left but fortunately for me that was the weekend I was looking at. I jumped at the chance. I'm lucky I got in there early. That's key to planning - do things early!! 

I find a check list really helps when planning and of course everyone's check list will be different but this is mine and you can use it as a helping hand. 

1. The Venue. If it's your house, at least you wouldn't have to worry about booking a venue but you would have to take into account - food, music, cake, balloons, decorations. In some venues like the one I've booked they've included finger food in the price of room which is so handy - at these parties you don't want to be serving 3 course meals just bits you can nimble on. Also in my case, they have included a dj in the price of the room and I can make my own playlist which is brilliant. I have got a bundle for the Room, Food, DJ, Balloons, Photos and a few other bits which works out at a fantastic price compared to if I was trying to organise these things separately and on my own. 

2. The Outfit. As you would for any big event you want to find the perfect outfit. I have ideas of dresses in my head but nothing definite. These are a few styles I saw on Pinterest that caught my eye. I won't get around to dress shopping until after my college exams are over in May but I look forward to it. 

3. Make-Up, Hair, Nails and Tan- sure you might aswel go all out for a birthday. I love doing my makeup but for the night it'll be nice to be pampered and get it done. I haven't decided on which makeup brand I want for the night yet. I know I want to be all about the eyes. I'm actually going to Urban Decay in April to get my makeup done for my boyfriends birthday night so that's always an option. I'm a major UD junkie. I have a lot of their palettes, lip glosses, lipsticks etc but I don't know what the foundation is like - it apparently suits every skin type but I'll wait and see how it goes and you'll definitely be kept up to date!! Hair doesn't stress me out so much. A wash and a blow dry is usually perfect and I can always throw a few curls in myself with a thong. I can see on the night what I feel like. Nails are another aspect I'm looking into but again nothing you have to stress over. I am a little unsure about the tan though. Hopefully the sun will pop out in May and I usually get some bit of a colour but if not I will definitely opt for a developing tan like Vita Liberata over an instant tan for the night just so I wouldn't have to worry about the colour coming off so easily. An instant tan is brilliant if you're in a rush or a normal night out. A developing tan is perfect for an occasion and it can last up to a week.
4. Music. Variety is everything. Everything from the cheesy 80s to the cringey 90s up the 00s etc. No harm in throwing a bit of everything on from the Summer of 69 to Manic 2000 to Uptown Funk. Something you can dance to or sing along to is important.

5. Food. Something simple like finger food is ideal like chips or sausages. Snacks like chrisps, chocolate and sweets you can include too if you like. 

Of course the cake is an important aspect. Basically I'm planning everything through Pinterest so these are a few ideas for cakes. Depending on how many people you're going to have depends on the size of your cake. Something everyone can have a taste of anyway. 

6. Decorations. You can go all out or you can just keep it simple. Many people op for a big 2 and a big 1, balloons, some table decorations and pictures of the birthday person. I personally love decorations so I will definitely be putting details into it. 


I think I've covered all the essentials that can be looked at for throwing a party. I will keep up to date with the process. If you're not planning anything big I hope you enjoy this style of blog and for those with events coming up happy planning don't stress things work out!!

(All images courtesy of Pinterest)

Until next beauties,

A x 

(Signing my blog off as A just reminds me of the Season Finale of Pretty Little Liars I watched on Wednesday, June can't come faster for another reason!!!)

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