Thursday, 4 September 2014

FOTD - L'Aimant Paris - Fleur De Rose body spray

If anyone has used the powders or perfumes then you'll know that it has a very soft, subtle rose scent. It is divine to indulge in after a shower or bath.
So when I spotted the body spray for only E2 I couldn't say no! When I'm out and about with friends or shopping it is nice to freshen up with a spray of the l'aimant. I bring it with me on nights-out as a deodorant because it is a handy little size to pop in a small going out bag or hand-bag.

If you love the l'aimant line of powders and perfumes, then you will love the body spray. I have always loved the different packaging for the powder and perfume and the spray is as pretty with the design and colour.

You can pick up the l'aimant line in supermarkets, department stores or pharmacies.

Until next time beauties,

A x 

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