Friday, 26 September 2014

Catch Up

Hi guys and dolls,

I'm so sorry about the lack of blogs and reviews. I've been up the walls with college, societies, dance class & catching up with friends but I've been sick for a few days and now on antibiotics so that kinda set me back with doing make up looks and bits etc.

But I promise starting Monday the blogs will be flowing. I have lots to review from 'My Haul', my 'Go To Products' and lots of make up looks to show everyone. I've been updating my Instagram daily: wonderstruckbeauty8 and my Facebook page : Wonderstruck-Beauty - links are at the right hand side of the blog :)

But I will show you a few bits I bought today  - I picked up some clothes which I will eventually do a blog on (college style, autumn wear etc). I'll focus on my beauty bits today.

  • I got my reliable "Wake Me Up" Rimmel concealer/highlighter in Ivory 010 and the new Rimmel Mascara with Argan Oil. I got a great deal - the concealer was E6.99 and the E9.99 on their own but there was an offer for 2 for E12, sure I couldnt say no to that in Boots.
  • I saw a All-Purpose Brush for the Beter cosmetic range. I'm building up my brush collection slowly but surely and this was a must.
  •  Anytime I see an Essence stand I am always drawn to picking up one item or looking for new ones. I need a new eyeliner so I spotted the 2 in 1 eyeliner pen - a thick and thin side. I've tried it out and it is absolutely fab - great to have an option of a thin or thick line.
  • I always find a heat protection spray essential - my own one has run out recently so I had to pick up a new one and I find the V05 range brilliant and the smell is amazing.
  • The next item I saw was tea tree deep cleansing nose pore strips. I love pore strips when I'm having a pamper night and at E1.99 I couldn't turn them down
  • I picked up a gorgoues Sleek Make Up Lipstick in the colour "Baby Doll" 771, a baby pink colour. It may be Autumn - even though the weather has been roasting the last while, it doesn't seem to know its the Autumn season yet - I love a pop of pink in my wardrobe
  • The next item I got were Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes. I like to use these wipes on my face before doing my cleansing routine in the morning and night as I feel it softens the make up a lot and I will have no residue after cleansing my face.
  • Last little bits are very random - a Lily O' Brien chocolate and jelly beans - something for my sweet tooth.
Well thats it for now - but look out next week for my posts and getting back into my blogging routine. I hope everyone has had a great september and has settled back into school or college or teaching whatever it may be.

Until next time beauties,

A x

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