Monday, 15 September 2014

Haul Time!

Hey fab beauties,

So I've decided to do my first haul as I picked up a variety of things yesterday when I was out shopping from; Penneys/Primark; Brown Thomas; Marks and Spencers.


I was in around Brown Thomas, Cork yesterday and I spotted the MAC counter. I need a new highlighter/concealer, I was all for heading over to Boots to pick up my favourite concealer - Rimmel 'Wake Me Up'.

I have been watching a couple of youtubers lately and a lot of them seem to use MAC concealer so I said I'd pick it up and I will give it ago and do a review on it as soon as possible. I also picked up MAC's Studio Sculpt. The Concealer is E21.50 and the Foundation is around E31.50. MAC is not my everyday, go to product as I can only buy them every so often because it can be expensive for a student so MAC is definitely a huge treat to get and it lasts absolutely ages.


I used the foundation a few years ago when I was experimenting with make up so I'm going to give it another try (I feel like the concealer and foundation needed to be matched up, thats my excuse hehe).

So the next items I picked up were from Marks and Spencers, their own brand of make up called the 'Limited Collection'. They come in at about E6-7 each.

I loved the packaging straight away, very eye catching. I got the matte bronzer, in the shade light and the blusher, in the shade apricot.

The matte bronzer is perfect for autumn. I prefer matte to sparkle. So I'll have a review about these cute things soon.

The next spot I headed to was of course, Penneys/Primark. I picked up a few bits unrelated to beauty here.

I picked up a cute, colourful laundry bag. Its just so pretty.
I also picked up Nivea wipes 2 for a strange E4.46, theyre for dry/sensitive skin. I use wipes on my face before I cleanse in the morning and at night. I also got some little slippers E1.50


Also I got a travel bag for E15, that can be turned in a suitcase and the pattern is fab.

I also bought such a cute macaroon lipgloss E1.50


A random little thing but it was so pretty and smells so sweet.


I can't wait to review my bits and pieces for you fab things. Happy Haul! 

Until next time beauties,

A x

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