Tuesday, 2 September 2014

W7 Cosmetics - "Africa" Bronzer Review

Love: The colour, The packaging, Great for contouring, The affordable price

Negative: You could easily use a lot of product as it can gather on your brush but that can be easily sorted.

Hey there again beauty queens,

Back with another w7 cosmetic, the next product I’m going to review is “Africa” a little multi bronzing powder. The price is E4.99 – so so affordable. The swirl pattern is effective and very appealing to the eye. It’s a very compact little product and you could pop it in your handbag especially if you were out all day and wanted to build up a bronzed look for the evening as I have done once or twice. I adore the box packaging. 

The packaging is adorable. You can use the brush that comes with it to contour the hollows of your cheeks or any standard angled brush but the key thing is not too use much on your brush at all!! The colour seems to just cling to the brush even if dipped.